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I’m looking for an easy-to-use software solution that handles everything for me and my busy staff. I need to save time, manage my inventory and help me focus on patient care. Right now, we’re a small group, but we definitely want to grow. I need a software that won’t slow me down.

twoI need a feature-rich pharmacy management system that is designed to help me expand my pharmacy. I need to save time and get more productivity out of my staff. Our team requires a strong lab component and a way to help manage prescriber relationships. Plus, I need a system that will help me make more money.”

threeOur pharmacy is looking for more speed and ultimate efficiency. In a perfect world, we would like a software system that helps me manage my sales reps, navigate multi-state compliance and support our team with qualified outside services. We’re also looking for deep insights into our operations through meaningful data analytics.”

The RxDispense difference

  • Cloud-based. No hardware to buy or update. Cloud-based solution gives you flexibility to work from anywhere. Your data is always secure.
  • Robust functionality. The software includes everything you need to effectively run your pharmacy. Comprehensive features built in to run your retail pharmacy - including a powerful POS system. Continual updates will keep you ahead of your competition and enable you to offer leading-edge services.
  • Accuracy of data migration. No loss of data. Easy transition. No hassles.
  • Easy to use. Simple training with short learning curve. The software is intuitive and the workflow is smart.
  • Exceptional training & support. RxDispense provides a high level of support and hand-holding. You are not alone. Quick response to issues.

RxDispense is the right choice

  • No business interruption. Making a switch will not slow down your business or patient care. Smooth transition.
  • Speed. Lightning fast software that will keep your business running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Personnel will execute daily functions more quickly with an improved workflow.
  • Feature-rich compliance capabilities. Platform helps users reduce risks and exposure. Product ensures ease of compliance and reporting required to protect your business.


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