RxDispense support

RxDispense’s philosophy is to deliver as near-instant service as possible. We have one of the most highly trained Tech Support staffs in the business. Whenever possible, we get your questions answered on the spot. If it's not, we will ensure that you get your answers as quickly as we can.

Standard support is included with your monthly subscription of RxDispense.

Users with active support

  • Support is available Monday - Friday, 8AM – 7PM CST
  • Call 1-800-331-2498 and ask to speak with an RxDispense Representative
  • Closed on weekends and holidays

Emergency support and after hours support for all customers of RxDispense

  • Call 1-800-331-2498. Leave a message on the voice mail and a support technician will be paged.
  • The support technician will call you back.
  • There is a fee involved using after hours support and it is not covered by your support contract.
  • Emergency / after-hours support is only available for those members with a current support contract.